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Update: From now until 8 December 2022 the Abuse in Care Team would like you to tell them how care and support can be improved. Go to: www.korero.abuseincare.org.nz 


Complaints can be made against licensed Anglican ministry and non-licensed office holders, including:

  • Ordained ministers (deacons, priests, bishops)

  • Licensed lay ministers (kaikarakia)

  • Licensed volunteer leaders

  • Trustees

  • Elected leaders (vestry, synod, committee, board members) who have signed a declaration

  • Licensed youth leaders

  • Licensed children's workers

Misconduct occurs when any person from the above groups of people who is in a leadership, teaching or pastoral role violates boundaries (emotional, sexual, financial) with a parishioner, student, employee, or staff member in a professional relationship.

To find out more information and/or to make a complaint, visit the Ministry Standards Commission website: https://ministrystandards.org/ 


If you would prefer to have a confidential discussion or seek advice about making a complaint, you can contact our Registrar, Reverend Teri-Rori Kirkwood. 

Telelphone: 0800 364 6800

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